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Typical City of Long Beach Pest Control Problems

Situated alongside the ocean, mosquitoes are by far the most problematic pest problem in the Long Beach area. During the hottest months of the year, like July and August, homes hum with mosquitoes. Places near ponds or beaches with standing water are especially susceptible to mosquitoes, including flooded areas or irrigation fields. Normally, mosquito bites only cause a raised, itchy welt on the skin that soon fades. However, the pesky flying insects can also carry debilitating diseases like West Nile, chikungunya, and Zika virus. For this reason, mosquitoes shouldn’t be brushed aside as nothing more than annoying pests. If mosquitoes become a persistent issue, call Fox Pest Control for mosquito control services. 

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Whenever Fox technician Mikey gets a few extra hours in the evening, he tries to spend his time biking on the boardwalk along the ocean. The path is pretty and peaceful, making it the perfect evening activity after a long, hard day of work. Sometimes he’ll stop and get something to eat while he’s out. Gino’s Restaurant and Pizzeria, for example, is a Long Beach staple. The restaurant offers delicious slices of New York pizza while also providing options like veal, eggplant, and pasta. It’s the perfect place to Mikey and others looking for a relaxing night out to stop. 

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